How to Participate in an IFO with BscScan

Coming soon

Joining IFOs can be exciting and very rewarding. The CorgiSwap websiteโ€™s IFO page is an easy way to join an IFO. But some users may prefer to interact directly with smart contracts on the BscScan website. Using BscScan will let you see a contract's code, review its analytics and events in real-time, and find other useful information.

Currently, only MetaMask or WalletConnect wallets can interact directly with BscScan. WalletConnect is still in beta, so for now we recommend using MetaMask.

Interacting directly with smart contracts is not something weโ€™d recommend to beginners. If youโ€™d like to join an IFO without the complicated steps, we have a How to Participate in an IFO guide to help you through the process using the CorgiSwap website.

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